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Records are archived indefinitely, ensuring swift retrieval when necessary.

Indeed, a retainer fee is part of my practice. The specific retainer amount is contingent upon my estimation of the time required for your case. In the event that your case concludes more swiftly than anticipated, any surplus from the retainer will be promptly refunded to you. Conversely, should your case exceed the initial retainer amount, I will reach out to you to discuss an additional retainer.

I achieve a success rate of approximately 95%. The more information you can furnish, the higher the likelihood of success.

You will receive detailed activity reports that outline the observed activities and the corresponding timestamps. All surveillance activities will be meticulously documented through High Definition Video or Digital Photography. Rest assured, we will keep you consistently updated on the status and progress of the investigation.

No, there is no charge for initial consultation.

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The method I employ for location does not leave any “traces” on record searches, ensuring that the person being sought will remain unaware of any search activities.

I accept all major credit cards, Cash App, Paypal & Venmo.

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